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Data Protection and Personal Data:

The collection of information from individuals whether online or manually is likely to be Personal Data as defined by the Isle of Man Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)and the associated GDPR regulations. If you wish to participate in any way in Project ECHO, ECHO sessions attendance and specialty information is required by UNMHSC* in the United States.

*Project ECHO has been developed and is owned by the University of New Mexico (UNM), the rights to which have been assigned or licensed to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Centre (UNMHSC).

What personal data will be stored?

Your name, the organisation you belong to, your contact details, and the ECHO sessions you attend will be stored.

Project ECHO sessions are also recorded. As such, still and video images of you may also be processed.  

Where will your data be stored?

Project ECHO communities track their growth and activities within the iECHO database which is hosted, monitored and measured by UNMHSC. Your personal data as identified above will be stored securely by Hospice Isle of Man (Access to the data is strictly limited and password protected). The data is pseudonymised[1] before being storing separately in the iECHO database.

Project ECHO recorded sessions are secured in a repository in line with the new GDPR regulations. Access to this repository will be granted at an individual level by Hospice IOM.

How will your data be used in?

iECHO data is combined and measured in various ways for analysis. It may be used for reporting to funding and governmental entities, for research related to the movement, for data quality assurance activities and in decision making related to new initiatives. Hospice Isle of Man will not use your data for any other purposes.

Recorded sessions will be made available to session attendees and/ or other Healthcare professionals with an interest in the subject matter. Access to this repository will be granted at an individual level.

Accuracy, Access & Retention:

The Data Protection Act 2018 and the associated GDPR Regulations give increased provision for individuals to exercise their rights over their Personal Data. More information regarding your rights, and how they can be exercised, is set-out within our Privacy Notice (which can be found on our website ( or a copy can be requested from us by email (

[1] Where data identifiable as Personal Data are replaced with artificial identifiers done in a manner that allows the data to be reconstituted. Data Subjects maintain their rights over Personal Data that has been pseudonymised

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