Carer Support

We understand the profound impact that caregiving can have on individuals caring for loved ones with terminal and life-limiting illnesses. We recognize the challenges, emotional strain, and selflessness that caregivers exhibit every day. That's why we're dedicated to providing comprehensive support and services tailored to caregivers' unique needs. From respite care and counselling to educational resources and support groups, we offer a range of programs designed to help caregivers navigate their journey with compassion and resilience.

You may not consider yourself a carer, simply just a mum, dad, partner, son, daughter, or friend offering support to a loved one. However, a carer is anyone who regularly looks after someone due to a disability or illness. Carers do not need to live with the person they are caring for.

Our goal is to empower caregivers, alleviate their burdens, and ensure they receive the support they need to provide the best possible care for their loved ones. You don’t have to face caregiving alone – let us make the difference.

If you're looking after someone with a life-limiting condition, we have resources that can help you. 

Our Services for Carers

Our Psychological Support Team are skilled in assessing your difficulties and working with you, to meet your needs and assist you in overcoming any emotional challenges you or your loved ones may face.

Support from Hospice does not stop once a loved one has died; it simply extends itself to family and friends and aims to help them adjust to a new way of living.

Our relaxing range of treatments are available to all patients, family members and carers who are stressed or bereaved. Treatments on offer include aromatherapy, massage, aromaflexology, acupuncture, cognitive relaxation, and reiki.

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