Singing for Wellbeing

Did you know?

People say singing is uplifting and joyful. They feel positive when singing and the positive mood continues afterwards. Singing can help if you feel depressed, stressed or anxious.

Regular group singing can make people feel less isolated and is a way of feeling part of a group. You can make new friends who will understand your challenges because they face them too. It’s also a chance for you to share your own experiences to help others.

Come along to our singing group. Why singing?

Singing Can:

  • Improve health-related quality of life
  • Be a fun group activity
  • Help improve your posture
  • Increase the strength of your voice
  • Many people with lung conditions say that singing helps them to feel less short of breath, more in control of their breathing and helps them manage their symptoms better


Who can come?

Anyone who has been effected by life-limiting conditions or palliative care needs, their families and carers can attend these sessions. This is a drop in so no appointment or referral is needed, nor do you have to have a current relationship with Hospice.

Things you shouldn’t worry about

  • Don’t worry – there will be no auditions or solo singing
  • Don’t worry – if you think you’re not a good singer. This group is not about the quality of the singing, it’s about helping you to improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Don’t worry – you won’t have to stand up for the session as there will be seating provided

What should I bring?

  • If you use oxygen therapy, please bring your own cylinders or concentrators with you
  • Bring along any medications you require
  • Singing is thirsty work so you might want to bring along a bottle of water
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing so you can move easily
  • Carers or relatives are also welcome to join but will not be expected to participate

Singing for wellbeing info

Sessions are held every Wednesday from 1pm until 2pm, here in the Sanctuary at Hospice, Strang.

For further details please contact our Creative Arts Coordinator on 647458

Important - If you are feeling unwell, please don’t attend the group until you feel better. This helps prevent unwanted contact with infections for other participates

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