Wellbeing Resources

"Supporting you to live well, your way, to the end of your life"

Our expert teams are committed to supporting you to be independent, and champion many approaches which ultimately support your wellbeing, and allow individuals to take responsibility for their own health.

Having recently taken the diverse approach to deliver wellbeing care in alternative ways following the Isle of Man Government's Social Distancing Guidlines, our team have created an online environment where you can feel included and supported by accessing a variety of resources, so that you can manage your symptoms in the comfort of your own home.

Of course our friendly, expert team are always only a phone call away, and if you have any concerns or questions please get in touch.

Your online Wellbeing Resources

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products help people to live happier, healthier lives. As NYRO consultants, buy your NYRO products, here and we benefit from 25% of every purchase.

Meditation tips

Simple tips to help you create your moment of zen through meditation.

Hand Care

Hand sanitation is a very important part of controlling the spread of infection – but what can we do to protect our hands?

Tension Soothing

Self-care techniques you can try for relaxation or to soothe achy muscles.

Self massage for headaches

Some wonderful massage tips that you can try on yourself to ease headaches and to help you relax.

Touch Hunger

Humans have a need for touch, both emotionally and physiologically.

7 Mental health tips

This video from Andy Knox shares 7 tips for mental health which you may find helpful during these challenging times.

Emotional Self Care

Dr Hollie Quaye discusses emotional self care. 

Singing for Lung health breathing exercises

Our Singing for Lung Health Team bring you these simple breathing exercises so you can participate in our classes from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Maintaining mental Wellness

Maintaining mental wellness with Rosie Peel from Hospice IOM.

Unlock your creativity

Unlock your creativity during lockdown with our Creative Arts Coordinator, Faith Berry.

Grounding and Mindfulness

Simple and easy techniques to help you feel grounded and connected in stressful times.


Help our Rehabilitation Team find out how they can help you.


Breathing techniques and exercises are invaluable in helping you to manage your breathlessness.

Handheld Fans

A useful tool to help with your breathing exercises.

Staying Steady

Helping you improve and manage your strength and balance.

Healthy Eating

A balanced diet and the right nutrition can help with your rehabilitation.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can help improve your functional capabilities.

Energy Conservation

How best to plan, prioritise, pace and simplify your daily activity


Sleep can help you to rest, relax and ‘recharge’. It enables us to cope better with physical activity and gives us the energy to face life’s challenges.

Relaxation and Mindfulness

Being rested and taking some time to practise mindfulness and relaxation can help your wellbeing.

FAB exercises

Our Rehabilitation Team bring to you some useful exercise videos you can do from home.

Stress Management

Helping you to take control of some of life’s stressors by taking time to ensure you are looking after your psychological wellbeing as well as your physical health.

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