Charlotte Downward - Patient Relative

“Dad enjoyed the wonderful facilities and was happy, comfortable and content up at Hospice which was very reassuring.”

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“The year of 2017 was when my family became involved with the wonderful Hospice here on the Isle of Man. My Dad had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and what was a very difficult and heart-breaking time for us all as a family, Hospice were there to help and support us all. My Dad was cared for so wonderfully by the Hospice team, he would go up weekly for massage sessions which helped with the swelling on his legs. It was a lovely calm environment and Dad enjoyed going up for his treatment. The nurses were very compassionate, kind and caring to us all even offering treatments to us too. It was lovely and reassuring to be offered such care.

In April 2017 Dad decided it was time for him to go into Hospice and receive some respite care. During his time in the Hospice in patient unit Dad was very well cared for by the wonderful nurses. He was given a lovely bright room overlooking the Hospice gardens which he admired whilst he enjoyed watching the television in his room. I always remember Dad telling us how wonderful he thought the food was and that it was the biggest full English breakfast he had ever eaten. Dad enjoyed the wonderful facilities and was happy, comfortable and content up at Hospice which was very reassuring.

Whilst Dad was in Hospice I remember telling him I was going to apply for the local Miss Isle of Man competition he laughed as I don’t think he believed I would apply, neither did I! I took it upon myself to put myself forward for this challenge knowing it was all about raising funds for a local charity and not a beauty pageant.

Very suddenly and unexpectedly three days into Dad’s time there we received a phone call from Hospice letting us know Dad had passed away. Even though we knew this time was coming it was very hard and upsetting to deal with as a family. Hospice were very good and offered our family bereavement support if we required it.

During this strange and difficult time in my life I stayed focused and decided I would raise money for Hospice through the Miss Isle of Man community challenge. I organised lots of different events and in just 12 weeks I had raised £18,500 to hand over to Hospice here on the island. Dad would have been proud to see me achieve this. It gave me a focus and I did it for him.

Happy 40th Anniversary Hospice!

Such a wonderful caring place we have here on the Isle of Man with a fantastic professional team which helped and supported myself and my family through a very difficult time in our lives.”

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