Charlotte Hutchinson - Patient Relative

“Hospice gave my mum and our family a place to live, to laugh and love, and appreciate quality time together.”

 Charlotte Photo

“Hospice became a part of our lives in 2017 when my Mum, Susan Turner, spent her final moments of her life there.

The fear of the end and the unknown was a daunting thought…. Hospice changed my view!

It wasn’t just about the end, it was about being in the present, to appreciate the past and help move positively forward towards the future, something that Hospice helped us adopt.

Hospice gave my mum and our family a place to live, to laugh and love, and appreciate quality time together.

The staff on the IPU attending to the clinical needs, the care from Kitchen staff, housekeepers and volunteers all made the time there so much more special. Everyone really “cared” and valued my mums needs, and a family as a whole.

The end of her life, we couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful dignified place to spend her last moments. We were supported during and beyond her life.

Our family used the Services provided, that gave us strength and courage to live without her. The Counselling services provided wonderful support for my children and family members, and not forgetting the aromatherapy that really helped us to relax and open up.

I was so inspired by the “Angels” that worked there giving so much empathy, professionalism and love. The joy my mum felt with feeling so safe, loved and cared for, it was something I thought “Wow imagine doing that as a job“.

That thought manifested a year after she had passed, that I now have the privilege to work at Hospice as a Health Care Assistant!

It really is an honour to be a part of the team and to give back and support the patients and families in the way I know how much it means, and will remain a part of their lives forever.”

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