Susan Rafferty – FAB (Fatigue & Breathlessness) Patient

“Anyone like me, being diagnosed with in-operable cancer can think that "this is it" but it is not.”

Susan Rafferty New

“My story is about the very positive help, support and fun that I have found by joining the FAB (Fatigue & Breathlessness) programme at Hospice.

Anyone like me, being diagnosed with in-operable cancer can think that "this is it" but it is not. I always thought that Hospice was going to be a sad and very solemn place but it is not. Just have a look at the photo of me on the exercise cycle! Yes, there is a superbly equipped gym where FAB meets and you are encouraged to do as much or as little as you like, safe in the knowledge that you are being looked after by highly trained professionals.

I have never been a ‘gym bunny’ and quite frankly was allergic to exercise for most of my years but that doesn’t matter. I had a go on the trampoline one day and enjoyed it so much that I ended up in a state of giddy excitement. It was just such fun and a thing I would never have done at my age without the support and encouragement of the girls running FAB. “Grow up Rafferty”, but why should I when I was having such fun. That just about sums up the way I have felt at FAB. I would encourage anyone offered a place on the programme to attend. You can have a moan if you want or crack a laugh and a joke with other attendees.

You are offered a lot of practical advice; nothing is too much trouble. You are given all sorts of advice about stress, nutrition and how to breathe properly, I thought I knew this but I was wrong! The correct breathing techniques that I have learned on the programme have helped me a lot.

So, it’s not the end. I go home after a FAB session feeling that I have achieved something by exercising and I am more positive after having a good time and a laugh with all those attending and running the programme.

Thank you FAB ladies.”

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