Braddan lounge transformation

Braddan lounge is the comfortable communal area for our patients and their visitors, providing them with a space to sit and experience home-like facilities including a small kitchenette and televisions. Braddan Lounge has been a fundamental part of our In-Patient-Unit for many years and was ready for a refurbishment.

Thanks to the very generous support of Tevir Group, Braddan Lounge has been the first of our many upcoming building enhancements to steadily improve the physical environment for our patients and those who matter to them. After a short-term revamp, the long-standing lounge has been spectacularly transformed into an improved living area, built upon the idea of bringing the outdoors in, encompassing beautiful outdoor imagery on a featured wall, colourful tree-like sculptures and bright, nature-themed décor to bring a calming sense to the room. This all beautifully complements the Hospice gardens and terrace which the lounge looks out across and double doors lead out onto.

Keen to provide privacy to our patients and their families, Braddan Lounge now features multiple private spaces within one big space, delivering a comfortable setting which supports its users’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Ciaran Doherty, Managing Director, Tevir Group, said:

"We are delighted to see the completion of the Braddan Lounge, which is already proving itself to be a warm and welcoming space for the patients, their families and carers. The Tevir Group has been an active supporter of Hospice Isle of Man for a number of years and the Braddan Lounge will further enhance the ability of Hospice to meet the emotional and social needs of its patients.”

The transformation project “Enhancing the healing environment” champions our approach to continually improve the physical environment for our patients and those who matter to them, whilst strengthening our clinical quality and safety to enhance our overall care.

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