Peter Kelly – Patient Relative & Fundraiser

“They were so impressed with the support and care that the team provided and they made such a positive impact that their names are still spoken regularly.”

 Peter Kelly 2

“Prior to March 2010 I knew nothing about Hospice.”  That is what Peter Kelly told us when we met him at the Isle of Man Clay Pigeon shooting Club at Meary Veg, Santon.

We were on a mission to find out Peter’s story and explore the link between Hospice and an annual charity shoot at the club, and on a lovely summer’s afternoon in 2022 we sat outside the clubhouse in the sun for a chat.

Peter explained that when his wife Voirrey was diagnosed with cancer it was such a shock to everyone in the family. She had all the tests and treatment but unfortunately, all too soon, the time came when further treatments could not extend her life.

That was when Peter, Voirrey and the rest of the family came into contact with Hospice. They were so impressed with the support and care that the team provided and they made such a positive impact that their names are still spoken regularly. “I can still remember first meeting Pam, Helen and Christine, the nurses for the first time,” Peter said.  “They helped us all so much.”

Sadly, Voirrey died in March 2010 and her family were naturally devastated. They were also deeply grateful for the care and support they had all received from the Hospice team. Peter is a man of action and he committed to raise some funds by way of a thank you to the Hospice team. As he described it, he wanted to “help those who had helped me.”

He has sport in his blood, and as a child he would have a go at anything and everything (apart from cricket!) After starting to shoot with a club at the age of 12, a combination of natural talent, practice and determination saw him going on to compete in both the Island and Commonwealth Games several times. The shooting club played a huge role in his life and after Voirrey died, his friends there were more important than ever.

Bringing the club together to help raise funds for Hospice had lots of positive spins offs. Firstly, everyone responded brilliantly when Peter announced the first charity shoot. Then they saw new people jumping on board, joining the competing teams. It also gave Peter and his family the chance to do something in Voirrey’s name that she would no doubt have heartily approved of!

Last year saw the 12th year of the annual charity shoot with the Voirrey Kelly team cup being won by Top Spec Fencing, but only after a count back as they were on a points tie with our very own Hospice Allsorts team who won silver!

In 12 years over £29,000 has been raised by the club for Hospice and every penny of that has gone towards providing care and support to other families. Peter and his family have done Voirrey proud, and their ongoing support is making a difference to the lives of others on the island every single day.

This year’s event is on Sunday 25th June At Meary Veg Santon so if you would like to enter please contact the Hospice team and come along and have a good day.”

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