Rebecca Owen – Senior Registered Nurse at Hospice Isle of Man

“It is an absolute privilege to care for our community and to support and care for patients and families 365 days a year. “

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“Prior to my Nurse Training I was a Bedroom Volunteer and a Bank Heath Care Assistant at Hospice. I was in awe of the staff that worked there, in particular the clinical staff and what they gave to each and every patient and their family members.

I knew one day that I wanted to be a full time member of the Hospice clinical team and give to patients and their Families what I myself had witnessed as a Volunteer and Bank Health care assistant.

When a Job came up within the in-patient unit, I jumped at the chance, as a very nervous newly qualified nurse, I got accepted to work full time in this wonderful place. I am forever grateful to Aileen Sharp, senior sister at the time, who gave me one of the best opportunities anyone has ever had. It gave me a chance to make a difference and impact in a positive way, to not just patients, but their families too.

To me, I feel I am giving people a life at the end of their life. For perhaps a long or short period of time, our patients have not been able to have that control in their life because of their illness. Hospice care is a time where we can give them back some of that control.

It is an absolute privilege to care for our community and to support and care for patients and families, 365 days a year.

A moment I will never forget being able to witness was when a patient got to see her horse one last time. It is moments like these, and the countless members of incredible staff who keep Hospice running 365 days a year, that make it such a special place to work and what makes Hospice so important.

Happy 40th Anniversary Hospice. It my great Honour to provide for, and work in a service that offers much more than a building. I am excited to see where Hospice takes us in the future and to be a part of it."

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